To James Monroe August 15, 1794

To James Monroe August 15, 1794

Versailles, 28 Thermidor 4 year


I am spending some days at. the house of a friend at this place with whom I shall make an arrangement to stay some weeks. But I am out of cash and I know no method of supplying myself, but by having recourse to your friendship, the money to be repaid in America, as before. I have again hopes that the complaint in my side is disposing itself to a cure. I am better, and have more strength than I have had for a year past. I went in the stage boat from Paris to Sevres and walked from Sevres to Versailles.

I see by the papers that you will have a visit from Mr. Hammond if the Directoire will permit him to come to Paris which I think is doubtful. In this state of things one cannot help reflecting on the conduct of the American governm[en]t that of soliciting a dishonorable treaty with a governm[en]t that is now soliciting peace on any terms. I hope to see you in Paris in three or four days.

Yours in friendship,