To Anonymous March 4, 1797

To Anonymous March 4, 1797



I just write you a line to tell you that I am in existence after a thousand dangers. I am always intending to return to America, and something is always happening to prevent me; the case I believe is that, as I have embarked in this Revolution, I do not like to leave it till it is finished. The internal scene for the last year and half, until the fall of Robespierre, has been terrible. I am almost the only survivor of those who begun this Revolution, and my escape is difficult to account for. At present, I suffer a good deal of pain from an abscess in my left side, that came in consequence of a fever I had in the Luxembourg, where I was shut up eleven months by the faction of Robespierre; in other respects, I am in good health.

The success of the French Arms has been, and continues to be, astonishing. They have fairly beaten all the armies of Austria, Prussia, England, Spain, Sardinia and Holland. Holland is entirely conquered, and there is now a revolution in that country. Remember me in your family and in the circle of our friends. The letter will be presented to you by Mr. Roxier, who is appointed Consul at New York. He has the reputation of a good sort of man.

Yours affectionately,