To Benjamin Franklin Bache August 5, 1795

To Benjamin Franklin Bache August 5, 1795



I have lately published a small tract entitled Dissertations upon first Principles of Government. As the press was set in English as well as in French I have struck off an additional quantity. You will receive a package containing 5000 about three hundred of which are French. Please to advertise them at not more than twenty cents and wholesale according what the custom is with you. If there are more than you have occasion for send some to Mr. Fellows of New York.

The package was sent from the Printers to the care of Mr. Skipwith American Consul at Paris. Two other packages which belong to the printer, Mr. Stine, were sent at the same time, intended for Mr. John Vaughn, Philadelphia. I believe that the clerk at Mr. Skipwith’s has put your address on all three. Should this be the case, please to rectify the mistake, and send the packages that do not contain the publications that are mine to Mr. Vaughn. I have enclosed you a letter in the Package. I do not yet learn what vessel they are shipped in, but the packages were sent to Havre. I hope to be in America before next spring.

Your Friend, etc.,